Welcome to Madison Dental Initiative

The Salvation Army (SA) Thursday night dental clinic, founded in May 2009, grew out of a desire by Dr. Matthew Kutz, Dr. Laura Tills, and State Public Health Dental Hygienist Lisa Bell to meet the oral health needs of the homeless population in Madison. The Madison Dental Initiative was established with the inception of this clinic. Since its opening, the clinic has provided care for over a thousand of the Madison area’s people in need.

Madison Dental Initiative is staffed by volunteer health professional students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a team of dedicated local dentists, hygienists and assistants who volunteer their time and talents.

The clinic is set up to do a wide variety of both preventive and restorative care,  including simple root canals, stainless steel crowns, and pulpotomies (baby tooth root canals). Establishing the SA Dental Clinic was made possible through collaboration with the Salvation Army and the MEDiC Salvation Army Clinic as well as a grant, which funded setup costs and equipment.

The clinic has helped patients receive fillings and extractions, as well as preventive measures such as deep periodontal cleanings and dental sealants. Students volunteering at the Salvation Army Dental Clinic have expanded their role from intake and patient history to assisting in activities like suctioning and other dental procedures.

See how we are making a difference!

Q3 2013 Statistics

Diagnostics $17,113.00
Endodontics $2,370.00
Oral Surgery $18,960.00
Periodontics $6,425.00
Preventative $3,433.00
Prosthodontics, Removable $1,500.00
Restorative Basic $11,630.00
Hospitals/Urgent Care Centers $15,437.00
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Epic Systems $10,000.00
Dental Health Associates $1,000.00
Dr. Lori Veerman $100.00
Dr. Betsy Newhouse-Hanna $100.00
St. Dunstan’s Wednesday Book Group $100.00
Dr. William Lee $100.00

If you are looking to make a contribution or volunteer for our dental clinic, please visit our Contact Page or our Volunteer Page.


Our Mission